New Mexico State University,
Chamisa Village Housing

Las Cruces, New Mexico

The design of Chamisa Village, Phase II completes the existing housing community and provides New Mexico State University an opportunity to further establish their identity within the New Mexico landscape. This attractive 127,000 SF residential complex of 2- and 4-bedroom housing units is set among beautifully landscaped desert courtyards.

In addition to providing the campus with an additional 282 beds, Steinberg designed uniquely programmed courtyards and exterior social space to help realize the University’s goal of creating a place where students and faculty can gather, converse, share knowledge, and enjoy their surroundings. Located adjacent to a large surface parking lot, the design of a landscaped entry point will transform the new LEED Gold facility into a public gateway to the campus.

The design and completion of Phase II defines and helps unify the existing landscape of the campus which responds to the natural elements and views of the surrounding Organ Mountains. Contextually relevant colors and materials have been integrated into the design to maintain a cohesive feel within the University. The architectural language reflects and responds to the constraints of the site, while providing a contemporary style upgrade to the campus.


New Mexico State University
127,000 SF | 282 Beds
Bookstore, Cafe, Library, Study Areas
Master Planning, Programming, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
LEED Gold (2012)
Project Delivery Method
CM at Risk