Hospitality, Residential

Suzhou Creek North Bank,
Block 41 & 42

Shanghai, China

Urban development of most world cities has intrinsically occurred along the banks of equally renowned rivers. Shanghai has the Suzhou River—a significant tributary within the inner ring road that defines the North-South Centers of the City. The North Center of the Suzhou River (Blocks 41 and 42) is recognized for its historic significance.

Responding to the challenge of adding life and energy to this site filled with historic but underutilized warehouses and manufacturing facilities, the design reactivates the waterfront and connects the community to a new subway stop, open space, a performance hall, an urban plaza, and a central park which defines redevelopment of a larger district. Weaving new SOHO office buildings and other cultural and retail amenities with existing historic structures redefines this traditional community as a new urban center.

OCT Land (Shanghai) Investment Ltd.
400,313 SF
SOHO, Commercial, Gallery, Boutique Hotels, Public Entertainment Space
Urban Design, Master Planning
Design Awards Citation from AIA, Santa Clara Valley Chapter
Project Delivery Method