17 June 2015

1980s video game CANsculpture wins hearts of jury and public

Early 1980s nostalgia won the day at CANstruction LA 2015 presented by Goya Foods. Steinberg LA’s CANstruction team, over the course of five months of planning & dreaming, designed and constructed “Pac-CAN: Let’s Make Hunger A Ghost”, a three-dimensional rendition of Ms. Pac-Man chasing ghosts. The team raised $6,350 that went towards purchasing cans of food for the sculpture, with the remaining funds going directly to the LA Regional Food Bank. The CANsculpture is made out of 5,740 cans of food. Based on estimates of $1 proving 4 meals, that’s an estimate of 23,000 additional tummies fed. Pac-CAN joined nine other structures created by Los Angeles architects, designers, contractors, and engineers, which together totaled 44,032 cans of food. The structures were on view at the Farmers & Merchants Bank Building in Downtown LA, and were a featured part of DTLA’s April Art Walk.

Of the overall six awards given the Steinberg LA CANstruction team took home two awards;

JURORS’ FAVORITE: In the words of the jury, “Pac-CAN incorporated all the attributes we were looking for: precise details, creative application of labels and color, positive message, humor, and structural stability.”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “Pac-Can” by Steinberg proves the public agreed with jurors about the bold, whimsical structure.

The jury consisted of architecture, media, and culinary experts: Mary Melton, editor-in-chief of Los Angeles Magazine; David Montalba, AIA, principal of Montalba Architects, Inc. (designers of such eateries as Milo + Olive, Huckleberry, and Nobu Malibu); and Chef Ray Garcia, of Broken Spanish and BS Taqueria fame.

CANstruction LA 2015 Presented by Goya Foods is organized by the Society for Design Administration and hosted by Gilmore Associates.

The Stats
$6,350 raised
5,740 cans of food purchased
23,000 meals

Dimensions of the Sculpture
10’ x 10’ x 9’-7”

Team Participants
Rita S. Carter, co-captain                                  Matt Sawasaki
Charlie Thornton, co-captain                           Dave Evans
Shawna Upp                                                         Mike Galloway
Raquel Benmergui                                              John Almendras
Anna Marie Flaherty                                          Adrienne Rosca
Arielle Rouleau                                                    Anna Mkhikian
Andrea Stalker                                                     John Herman
Paul Wang                                                            Sam Keville

Special Thank You to our Sponsors
We are grateful for the support of our donors and sponsors; together we’re working on making hunger a ghost! We recognize the financial and in-kind support of;
Associates Purchasing                                        Coalesse
Ganahl Lumber Pasadena Store                       Rising Realty Partners & PacMutual
Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers               Shaw Contract Group
Valley Crest Design Group.

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