9 December 2015

A new approach to facilities management

Steinberg’s approach to facility planning, design, and documentation goes beyond the traditional. Our state-of-the-art system enables real-time adjustments to planning and operations that empower administration and M&O teams to build valuable knowledge around actionable, preventative maintenance with annualized budgeting.

Impassioned by the benefit to our clients, Rob Barthelman brings Steinberg a developing practice in asset management. The work is focused on the capture and use of digital facilities information and industry standards to determine the financial and operational actions required to effectively and efficiently maintain sites, buildings, and assets.

Barthelman says, “There is renewed market-interest in efficient facilities management and operations; Simple and effective tools are in-demand. In conjunction with our extensive knowledge of our clients’ facilities, our partnership with the asset management software dabblefoxTM is providing simple tools that facilitate objective decisions. The software leverages the value of existing facilities data and industry standards. It’s compiling powerful data to inform planning and operational action. The web-based software is inexpensive and easy to use.”

Mr. Barthelman has over 20 years of national experience assisting educational institutions to make individualized, data-driven decisions in design and operations, integrating design with long range planning and sustainable facility management. Prior to re-joining Steinberg in 2015, he was a Principal with VBN Architects and, more recently, a Vice President at STV.

Read more about our approach to facilities management below.

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