29 January 2016

Crafton Hills College Public Safety & Allied Health Building opens!

On February 5th, the Crafton Hills College, Public Safety & Allied Health Building opened its doors, part of an ambitious expansion plan the school is executing from a masterplan that Steinberg completed twelve years ago. Since then, multiple new buildings have been built around the expanding campus and about 80% of the masterplan has been realized as it was planned. It is exciting to see the buildings slot into place as imagined and the campus come to fruition. This is Steinberg’s third building at CHC, terraced among the foothills of Yucaipa, California. President & CEO David Hart gave a moving speech about the opportunity of those involved with building on higher education campuses to shape these types of buildings but that, for the next 50 years, the buildings will shape the lives of the many students who will walk through their doors.

The Crafton Hills College, Public Safety & Allied Health Building building is designed to accommodate a group of related but separate disciplines into a singular building while providing a new destination on the eastern edge of the Crafton Hills College campus. The building links the existing Fire Academy with the EMT and Respiratory Care programs. Each program is focused on skills based learning through simulation of real life activities.

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An excerpt of David Hart’s speech:

“When we first went out to see the campus, we were in love: it was like a lost city with vines growing all over the brutalist concrete architecture. Stew Williams, the original campus architect, did amazing work on this campus, knitting architecture and landscape and siting these buildings in a way that is quite precious from an architect’s and planner’s point of view. But that love, like all loves, tinged a little bit once you started to go into the buildings and see the classroom environment and the state of the educational spaces. They were actually quite compromised. The beautiful buildings on the outside were not beautiful through and through. So it was an interesting process to look at how we modernize a campus; how we transform it from the inside-out but keep the original character that is still with us today. As a masterplanner, 12 years later, to walk a campus and see it fulfilled in the way it has been—the masterplan has been about 80% realized—is an amazing accomplishment for all those involved. Everyone shows up to the meetings, engaged and fighting for what is the right thing for these projects. That is why these buildings have turned out the way they are. The thing about buildings on campuses is that we get the opportunity to shape them, but for the next 50 years they are going to shape the lives of students. These are molds that form and shape and, in turn, shape lives.”

Also in attendance were the SBCCD Board of Trustees, Dr. Cheryl A. Marshall, President and the CHC Foundation Board of Directors.

An excerpt from CHC’s press release can be found below:

Building Better Beginnings: Crafton Celebrates Opening of Three New Buildings





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