10 September 2015

Ohlone College South Parking Structure officially opens

It’s open! The Ohlone Community College South Parking Structure held its ribbon cutting ceremony on September 9th, 2015.

Ohlone College in Fremont is embarking on an extensive rebuilding program, spelled out in the 2012 Facilities Master Plan. One of its components is a 900-space parking garage located close to the new campus center. While the bulk of Ohlone College’s parking lies at the foot of a hillside, a five to ten minute walk uphill to reach the campus’ core academic buildings, the new parking structure is built into the hillside, allowing for greater accessibility and bringing parking to the same elevation as the academic campus.

Adherent to the college’s mission of emulating Native American traditions of sustainable land management and promoting awareness of our cultural heritage, the garage design incorporates aspects of Ohlone traditions and practices in architectural expression and landscape design. The project marks a clear departure from Spanish mission-inspired architecture and incorporates a vision for the College’s future inspired by the region’s native forebears.

You can learn more information about the project here.

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