24 August 2016

Our Summer Interns Explore Design Within the
Community with Research & Presentations

“My internship at Steinberg has not only given me a well-rounded architectural experience, but also a glimpse into the life of a working professional in a big city.”  — Noel Vazquez

Every year Steinberg interns are tasked with researching and presenting on an issue of their choosing. This open-ended assignment pairs each intern with a senior designer who helps to guide their exploration, but leaves the project approach and final presentation solely up to the individual. We see it as a great opportunity to further design discussion not only within our office but with the larger design community.

This year’s presentations were by Los Angeles interns David Mauricio, Anya Budzinskaya, Sapeer Hillel, and Noel Vazquez. Topics ranged from creating alternatives for temporarily sheltering the homeless, to the political impact of Russian leaders on housing and culture, to the re-purposing of public space between buildings in urban settings, and the transformative impact of augmented reality (such as Pokemon Go) on the programming of physical, urban space.

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