25 March 2016

Simon Ha discussed “The Inside Track on SoCal Projects”

On March 24th, Los Angeles Headquarters (LAHq) hosted the panel discussion “The Inside Track on Southern California Projects” held at The California Club in LA. Simon Ha was selected to represent Steinberg during this round table panel discussion on the current state of architecture.

Simon used his platform to speak about the housing crisis in Los Angeles and the potential adverse effects of anti-development legislation such as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative. LA is the most unaffordable city in the nation, with rents continuing to climb while income levels stay the same. LA residents need to make at least $68k to afford the average apartment, but the median household income is only $55k. According to the City of LA General Plan, Los Angeles needs 80,000+ units to fill the housing demand by 2021, but only has 66% projected for completion. In a city where housing demand so far outstrips supply, how can the development community tackle the problem of affordability?

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Other firms who participated:
AC Martin

Simon Ha-LAHQ Panel

LA Skyline with Title

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