18 May 2016

Steinberg creates video for ACE Los Angeles 2016 Design Project to showcase students’ designs

The ACE Mentor Programs of America, Inc. helps mentor high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction. On May 14th they had their ACE Los Angeles Mentor Program End of the Year Presentation where scholarships were awarded and each team presented their design project.

Steinberg had created a video for our Downtown LA team’s 2016 Design Project to showcase the students’ design talents and what happens when you bring everyone’s design ideas and projects together to create an urban environment. Check out the video below!

To learn more about ACE, click here.



The Downtown LA students presenting their design project.

Featured image shows team leaders for the Downtown LA team: (from left) Stephanie Jakus, Swinerton, Laura Basuldo, Degenkolb Engineers, and Andrea Stalker.

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