27 January 2016

Steinberg presents on how to plan in the age of EdTech at SCUP Regional

Steinberg presented at the SCUP 2016 Pacific Regional Conference: Does the Campus Matter? How to Plan in the Age of EdTech in Tempe, Arizona (03/06-08/16).

How Do You Plan Ahead Creatively for Emerging Technologies?
Monday 3/7 @ 8:30 am | Ventana C
Presented by: Mani Ardalan Farhadi, Senior Associate, Steinberg | Nanci Kauffman, Head of School, Castilleja School | Karen Powell, Executive Director, Facilities Planning & Operations, San Mateo County Community College District | Allison Wilhelm, Manager of the Design Challenge Learning Institute, Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose | Trevor Croghan, Director, Learning Environments, One Workplace, Oakland

New inventions impact our daily experiences, but how can institutions evolve with the trends and constant barrage of emerging technologies within their facilities in order to train the next generation of students? Let’s brainstorm together and look at ways organizations can adapt to the pedagogical shifts and the demands of facilities on campus. We will discuss how public and private institutions are responding to emerging technologies, including K-12, museums, libraries, furniture designers, artists, tech shops, and events.

To Build or Renovate? A Framework That Answers the Question
Monday 3/7 @ 8:30 am | Pima Auditorium
Presented by: James Dunkelman, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Whittier College | Bob Lavey, Principal, Steinberg | Andrea Stalker, Senior Associate, Steinberg

Aging facilities, utilization and capacity analysis, online education, and the need to balance funds. The stakes have never been higher to correctly answer the “build new or renovate?” question for your institution. Our team assessed two similar projects at the same time with outcomes that were radically different and came out of that process with a framework for helping institutions decide which solution is right for their campus. We will share the framework and how it was applied to Whittier College and the University of North Dakota.

More information about the conference can be found here.

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