1 September 2016

The Future Intersection of Driverless Cars and CRE

Steinberg Principal Simon Ha is an active community leader and advocate for the development of Downtown Los Angeles. Interviewed last month by Bisnow, he spoke about the impact of autonomous vehicles on commercial real estate.

“The cost of parking and the land area you need to accommodate parking really became the driver in the mixed-use design,” Simon says. “We used to have a saying, ‘Form follows function,’” (referring to the famous modern architect creed coined by Louis Sullivan). “I rephrase that to say form follows parking.”

With the size of many developments being determined by parking requirements, driverless vehicles could be the catalyst to allow for more buildable land in major cities.  Less oceans of asphalt with white lines, will dramatically change the nature of our cities, and how they grow.

Take a look at the full article here.

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