11 November 2016

Titan Student Union Celebrates its Grand Re-Opening

Less than a month after the grand re-opening of the Titan Student Union, students are declaring there’s no better place to study and socialize on campus. Serving the entire CSU Fullerton community, the TSU acts as both a “living room” and a professional workplace. The student governing board recently held their first meeting in the new board room, kicking off a stream of enthusiastic social media posts about the building.

Transparency and openness in TSU’s design reflect the ideals of the student government, which led the initiative to improve an aging campus hub. Steinberg designed the 27,000 SF addition, transforming the building into a dynamic space where activities and programs are clearly on display.

Many students find the grand staircase—with its stadium-style bench seating—the perfect place for casual study and socializing. Steinberg’s designers were mindful of today’s mobile student, providing plenty of technological amenities throughout the building. In addition, a number of sustainable design improvements help reduce overall energy consumption.





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