Mani Ardalan Farhadi

Associate AIA, LEED AP
Senior Associate

Over her architectural career, Mani A. Farhadi has been an integral collaborator on campus planning projects for public and private K-12 schools, community colleges, CSU, and universities. As a global thinker, she has developed key strengths in primary and secondary education programming, master planning, feasibility reports, state funding, and shared governance. In order to enrich her constituent groups, her passion is listening to users to ensure everyone is heard and building consensus through thoughtful input, resulting in multiple repeat clients. Mani has led numerous client workshops, open forums, and presentations to stakeholders, in addition to sharing her expertise in speeches at conferences (SCUP, CEFPI, AIA, CCFC, CCLC, etc.). She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Wellesley College, while participating in an exchange program at MIT, and she earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Boston Architectural College. Most recently, Mani graduated from the SCUP Planning Institute Step III.


Boston Architectural College
Bachelor of Architecture

Wellesley College
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Santa Clara Northside Branch Library
Santa Clara, California