Residential, Urban Mixed-Use

Verve Mountain View

Mountain View, California

This expansive mixed-use project will create a place for residents to live, work, shop, and play. Located on an entire city block on El Camino Real between Escuela and Rengstorff Avenues, the development will add 160 residences and approximately 4,400 SF of neighborhood-serving retail to Mountain View.

The development comprises a variety of distinct building typologies: At El Camino Real, two stories of residential units will sit atop a double-height retail space. Along Latham Street, the project steps back to three stories to complement the neighboring two- and three-story apartment buildings on the block.

A public pedestrian mews will link El Camino Real and Latham Streets, culminating in a public plaza at El Camino Real. Ground level units will have access to the mews, a central courtyard, and Latham Street via raised porches. The central courtyard will feature a swimming pool, an outdoor dining area, and a fireplace seating area. A passive garden court situated above the retail parking garage will provide additional open space for residents to relax.

Designed to encourage engagement with various nearby public transportation options, bicycle parking spaces will be available to both residents and visitors. The project will also incorporate a series of complementary sustainable strategies, such as energy efficiency measures, drought tolerant landscaping, and landscaped biofiltration planters for stormwater management.

Anticipated 2017
2.85 Acres, 4,400 SF retail
Number of units
155 units, 255 vehicle parking stalls, 155 bicycle parking spaces
Residential, Retail, Courtyard, Pool, Outdoor Dining, and Recreation Room
Recreation Room, DIY Room, Game Room, Conference Room, and Warming Kitchen
Full architectural design, interior design
Compliance with the Green Building Code: Mandatory, Tier 1 or Tier 2
Project Delivery Method
Design Bid Build